I. \\ˈkaˌlōs\ adjective
Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary call- (from Latin callum hard skin) + -ose; originally formed in French — more at callous
: having protuberant hardened spots

callose leaves

II. noun (-s)
Etymology: Latin callosus callous
: a carbohydrate component of cell walls that is readily stained by aniline blue and is found especially on sieve plates where it forms the callus

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/kal"ohs/, adj.
1. having thickened or hardened spots, as a leaf.
2. callus (def. 2).
[1860-65; < L callosus; see CALLOUS, -OSE1]

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callose, a. Bot.
[ad. L. callōsus: see callous.]
Having callosities.
in Webster. Gray Bot. Text-bk. 400.

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